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I started off in 2002 as a Certified Legal Intern in Jacksonville with the Civil Law Clinic, directed by Michael Jorgensen. My focus of practice was in estate planning and family law. I started doing criminal defense as a contract attorney in Washington. I started off by covering hearings for other attorneys and eventually taking on cases of my own. In addition to criminal defense, I am the corporate legal counsel for a U.S. based company, a Canadian based company, and a Taiwanese based company. All of these companies conduct businesses related to international trade or services.

The L.L.M. in Taxation was the most intense program I have ever been in. Although tax law has little to do with criminal defense, the tax program made me strong. The tax program tests a person's intelligence, efficiency, critical thinking, knowledge assimilation, and above all, composure under pressure. The tax program pushed me to my intellectual and physical limits. It tempered me into a blade of incomparable strength and sharpness. This training has proven its worth several times in the past two years.

My strength is my faith in my clients. I believe in my clients and I fight for their cause. How can I convince the jury to believe in my clients if I do not believe in them myself? Additionally, I can think outside of the box and I am not afraid to go to trial. Every case is unique and every client is important to me. I will not take on cases unless I know I can give my clients the time and attention they deserve.

My style is assertive, yet non-confrontational. I believe in the adversarial system where I must represent my client zealously. However, zealous representation does not mean belittling or acting hostile towards the opposing counsel. I will pay the opposing counsel their due respect, yet fight them relentlessly.

Personal interests:

I enjoy Martial Arts and racing cars. There is just something about blasting down the straight away with my heart on fire that makes it... therapeutic.

Bar Number: 35696
Washington, 2004


  • University of Washington
    LL.M. , 2005
    Seattle, WA
    International tax and Estate Planning
  • Florida Coastal School of Law
    J.D. , 2003
    Jacksonville, FL
    Staff Editor of Law Review
  • University of British Columbia
    B.A. , 2000
    Psychology & Sociology

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